What does MPG mean? What is mpg, what does it stand for and how do we get more.
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What does MPG mean? What is MPG? What car has the best MPG?

What does MPG stand for?  MPG (abbreviation) = Miles per gallon.





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What car has the best MPG? Calculate how many miles per gallon your car gets here.

Miles per gallon of gasoline. As in how many miles per gallon can a car travel with the engine running.  MPG: a unit of measurement and a abbreviation for the words “miles per gallon”.

MPG:  term used in fuel economy would be measured in miles per gallon or mpg. 

Note:  MPG is also a file extension for a type of compressed audio and video files with the extension .mpg.  It is a variation or MPEG (Moving Pictures Expert Group) MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4.  You can read more about that here.

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Many people today don’t really understand what does MPG mean and how much it affects our daily lives.

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MPG is an abbreviation for miles per gallon and it’s really important because it affects our economy and our everyday lives. It dictates the cost of food, clothing, materials and everything that we consume as it has to be transported on a truck to get to the store. Even still yet, has to be moved in our cars from the store to our homes.  Any time something is moved or transported whether over the road or by air, and even the sea, MPG is one of the dominating factors of how much that item is going to cost. The simple abbreviation of miles per gallon is one of the most important things in our lives as human beings on this planet. Everything is affected by it and nothing seems to be immune from it. This is why this is such an important subject and one that we can learn more and exponentiation on.  Fuel economy and fuel consumption in automobiles, planes, trains and even boats is one of the most powerful and moving factors today in our society.  Maximization of petroleum engines to be able to transform the chemical properties of fuel into energy needs to be something that is in the front line of thoughts towards our future so we may be able to decrease fuel consumption and to a lower range of economy. That is the answer to the question: “what does MPG mean”?

Learning how to get more miles per gallon.

Okay here we are again with: what does MPG mean? And what is MPG today? Learn about gas mileage per gallon and what model of car you drive and how much fuel consumption you're getting it doesn't matter whether you're driving a Buick, Cadillac, Ford, Dodge, GMC, Chrysle,r Jaguar, Jeep Benz, BMW, Honda, Suzuki or whatever, were going to compile a database for different models for gas mileage and miles per gallon and how many gallons each model gets so you want to pay attention to this one as it's going to be a good learning lesson.

These days gas mileage is everything. It's all about the gas pump and how many miles you get per gallon. There are all kinds of modifications you can make to a car to get more miles per gallon and better gas mileage. What we are going to do is learn about which models of cars can be easily modified to get better gas mileage on the same amount of fuel.  Why buy more fuel if your particular model of car can get more miles per gallon with just a few modifications from our database? Remember MPG is an abbreviation for miles per gallon. We can make your car get better gas mileage and achieve a better MPG rating.

Gas mileage and fuel types for different model cars.

Another one of the issues that we hope to learn about and reference to gas mileage and how much fuel mileage your model of car gets per gallon is modifications that can be done to your engine.  In the past we’ve definitely learned that the make and model of your car has everything to do with gas mileage and the amount of miles per gallon that you’re getting out that fuel.  We’ve also learned that high-octane fuel will definitely give you better gas mileage per gallon, no matter what model of car you’re driving.  Were really going to focus on different models of cars and the fuel mileage they’re getting in ratio to the amount gas that they’re buying and not gallons.


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